The Meadow collection from Vinter& Bloom is inspired by nature and all happiness in life, something which the four-leaf clover is a beautiful symbol for.

The print is designed by illustrator HC Nilsson. “Meadow stands for happiness, for our Swedish nature and the beautiful surroundings in the summer.” The organic cotton and linen fabric is carefully chosen to enhance the natural aspect behind the collection. The idea is that theMeadow collection should remain classic, timeless and everlasting.

“In the beginning of summer, I always stroll around in the nature reserve in Örbäckenin Värmland-Sweden, where I come from. Each year, my daughter and I find new plants and when the textile print Meadow was made this is exactly what happened. The textile design comes from the genuine moment that I have tried to illustrate –the feeling of calm and the beauty in simplicity.
–HC Nilsson